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A Central Asian woman pours tea for guests in her home. Hospitality and celebrations take on new meanings for new Christian believers, like Melisa* and Ada*, who are very much in the minority among their family and friends. IMB photo

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Central Asian believers struggle -- but seek truth, faith

CENTRAL ASIA (BP)-- Melisa* and her university-aged daughter Ada* came to faith and were baptized in their hometown in Central Asia a few years ago. They later moved to another city for Ada's education and got connected with the local church. Their attendance at church, however, has deteriorated into periodic participation in informal church events. Ada often prioritizes an English class on Sundays over church fellowship. Melisa, only 16 years older than her daughter, prefers to stay home from church if Ada isn't with her. Their relationship resembles that of siblings more than it does a parent-child relationship. Read More