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Forrest Ivy is a traveling preacher, driving from West Paducah, Ky., to Wingo where he serves as pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church. He doesn't allow age or health issues to stop the Gospel. Photo by Roger Alford/Kentucky Today

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Man dumps retirement, launches new career in ministry

WINGO, Ky. (BP) -- With his walking cane firmly in hand, pastor Forrest Ivy strides intentionally into his church, a new knee still tender from replacement surgery. A few aches and pains won't keep this 66-year-old from preaching the Gospel. At a stage in life when most people are settling into retirement, Ivy is launching out on a whole new career as a Kentucky Baptist pastor. "This world needs the Gospel, and I'm not going to allow my age to stop me from sharing it," Ivy said. "I'd hope no one would ever use age as an excuse for not serving Jesus. The need for pastors has never been greater than now, so, instead of quitting at Social Security age, we need to be doubling down." Read More