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At a Rugby World Championships viewing party hosted by Tokyo Baptist Church, two women sample foods from the countries represented by teams in the championships. The church, along with IMB partners, will host similar viewing parties for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. View Story | Download Photo
IMB missionary Carlton Walker shows volunteers an Army Air Force (AAF) fabric map of Japan during a training event that was hosted in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The map belonged to his father-in-law, who served as a pilot during World War II. Carlton used the map as an illustration to encourage the volunteers to consider the opportunities they will have to share the gospel during the Olympics. View Story | Download Photo
Reform of the criminal justice system and ministry to prisoners both provide important opportunities for Christian involvement, panelists said at a Southern Baptist-sponsored forum in Nashville. View Story | Download Photo
"Most hymnbooks include only three verses of ['Silent Night's'] original six: But, for me, some of the little-known verses are actually the best ones. And I'm hoping to showcase these at our Christmas concerts this year," Keith Getty (left) says. View Story | Download Photo
Volunteers pray over gifts during packaging process. View Story | Download Photo
David Jeremiah View Story | Download Photo
South Carolina Department of Corrections personnel look over bags of gifts, ready to be distributed. View Story | Download Photo
Completed bags of inmate gifts wait for distribution. View Story | Download Photo
Volunteers package gifts at Saint Andrews Baptist Church. View Story | Download Photo
Los asistentes al Festival de Esperanza 2017 en Anthony, organizado por Betesda Comunidad Cristiana, escuchan el programa durante el evento en el parque de la ciudad. El evento evangelístico atrajo a aproximadamente 500 personas; 17 eligieron seguir a Jesús. El evento fue parte de la Campaña de Avivamiento Simultáneo 2017 de BCNM entre las Iglesias Hispanas del estado. View Story | Download Photo
Boe Paw De, cuya familia llegó a los Estados Unidos como refugiados de Myanmar, se sienta con un par de niños durante los servicios de alabanza en Worcester Baptist Church en Worcester, Mass. Más de 20 refugiados que asisten a esta iglesia provienen de Myanmar, un país a donde llegó el Evangelio por primera vez a través del pionero en misiones bautistas Adoniram Judson en la década de 1820. View Story | Download Photo
Los miembros birmanos (de Myanmar) de Worcester Baptist Church en Worcester, Mass., comen en un salón multiusos en la iglesia. Muchos de ellos pueden trazar su conexión con el Evangelio hasta llegar a Adoniram Judson, el pionero en misiones bautistas, quien nació a unas 60 millas de Malden, Mass. View Story | Download Photo
The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds (Thomas Cole). View Story | Download Photo
Emily Sheddan grew up on the mission field and wanted to teach her church members more about Lottie Moon. In 2017, she started Lattes for Lottie to raise money for missions, but also to help educate others about one of Southern Baptist’s most famous missionaries. View Story | Download Photo
Elijah Morton, 15, adds a whipped cream swirl to the top of a latte. This is Elijah's third year to serve as a barista at the Lattes for Lottie counter. View Story | Download Photo
Members of Mount Harmony Baptist Church, Knoxville, stop by the coffee counter for a sweet drink and sweet fellowship before leaving a donation for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. View Story | Download Photo
Emily Sheddan (center) and youth baristas team up each December to serve specialty coffees at Mount Harmony Baptist Church, Knoxville. All proceeds go to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. View Story | Download Photo
Peter Yanes predica en un culto comunitario de una iglesia filipina realizado en un parque en Philadelphia. Antes de convertirse en pastor interino en 2018, Yanes fungió como catalizador de plantación de iglesias en la Convención Bautista de Pennsylvania-South Jersey. View Story | Download Photo
Christian, Shekinah, Irene y Peter Yanes. View Story | Download Photo
Personal del Departamento de Corrección de Carolina del Sur examina las bolsas con regalos listos para ser distribuidos. View Story | Download Photo
Voluntarios oran por los regalos durante el proceso de empaque. View Story | Download Photo
Bolsas llenas de regalos para reclusos esperan la distribución. View Story | Download Photo
Voluntarios empacan regalos en Saint Andrews Baptist Church. View Story | Download Photo
Around 1,600 women leaders from 30 states and Canada worshipped together at the 2019 LifeWay Women's Leadership Forum in Hendersonville, Tenn. Hundreds are expected at the upcoming West Coast forum at Mariners Church in Irvine, Calif., Feb. 21-22. View Story | Download Photo