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H.B. Charles View Story | Download Photo
Villagers in Lesotho's drought-stricken Matsoku Valley patiently wait for aid workers to distribute food in January. Among the volunteers: Haddon Fries, 9, who had just been adopted in the African country and was heading to a new life in the United States. View Story | Download Photo
Northeastern Baptist College has signed an agreement to purchase a former elementary school campus as its future home in Bennington, Vt., where the college opened four years ago. View Story | Download Photo
A former elementary school campus -- fashioned into a soccer camp in recent years -- is the focus of prayer and a capital campaign as Northeastern Baptist College's future home. View Story | Download Photo
Alvin Edwards, pastor del Monte Zion Primer Bautista africano en Charlottesville, Virginia, pronunció el elogio de Heather Heyer, una víctima de la violencia de la supremacía blanca derivada de una protesta del 12 de agosto. View Story | Download Photo
On May 7, All Peoples Community Church (APCC) in Fairfax, Va., had its first four baptisms since launching in September 2016. View Story | Download Photo
Pastor Kenji Adachi stands before his congregation on launch Sunday at All Peoples Community Church (APCC) in Fairfax, Va. The church held its first service on September 18, 2016 in the cafeteria of Eagle View Elementary School. View Story | Download Photo
Kenji Adachi was born in Osaka, Japan, before his family moved to Greensboro, N.C. when he was 6. His family were non-practicing Buddhists before Adachi was saved at 16. In September 2016, he helped launch All Peoples Community Church in Fairfax, Va. View Story | Download Photo
Fairfax County Fire and Rescue drops candy from the aerial platform of a fire engine during the first annual Harvest Festival hosted by All Peoples community Church (APCC) last October. Pastor Kenji Adachi reported that "easily 500 people" attended the outreach event throughout the day. The fire department's willingness to support the event demonstrates the impact APCC is having on its community. View Story | Download Photo
Karla Boone (left) helps a special needs friend in her weekly cooking class prepare a meal with a step-by-step picture recipe. View Story | Download Photo
Karla Boone and her husband Steve (center) spend time with her Girls Night Out special needs gathering that nurtures fellowship and life skills for its participants. View Story | Download Photo
"Happy Birthday" is sung for a birthday celebration during a Girls Night Out that Karla Boone organizes for her special needs friends. View Story | Download Photo
At least 13 people were killed and 50 others injured when a driver plowed a van into pedestrians in Barcelona Spain this afternoon (Aug. 17) in what police classified as terror, according to media reports. View Story | Download Photo
Melanie Lenow View Story | Download Photo
When revitalizing a church, pastors need to focus on God's plan instead of being discouraged when people scowl at biblical preaching, said Andy Davis, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Durham, N.C., and author of "Revitalize: Biblical Keys to Helping Your Church Come Alive Again." View Story | Download Photo
Brian Croft, senior pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., and senior fellow of Southern Seminary's Mathena Center for Church Revitalization, said church structure is important for the life of the congregation, and is built on proper authority and leadership. View Story | Download Photo
German pastor André Töws leads a Bible study in a ministry aiming for a new reformation in a country of empty churches suffering from liberal theology. View Story | Download Photo
German pastor André Töws credits Martin Luther with bringing the Bible back to the people. "Five hundred years after the Reformation," he reflects on the pervasive liberal theology in Germany, "we need to bring the people back to the Bible." View Story | Download Photo
Campton Baptist Church is embracing solar power as a means to help its community in eastern Kentucky, reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. View Story | Download Photo