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Jesus is working "to reconcile the wild and wayward West unto Himself," Dave Arden writes, "and to create a unique legacy all His own" amid the region’s 77 million people. View Story | Download Photo
Frank Gillespie garnered all-conference honors in football, baseball and basketball at Clemson University (then-Clemson College) during the 1940s, earning 11 varsity letters, a school record, despite three and a half years in World War II. Gillespie, who died March 8 at age 94, later turned from a career with IBM to the ministry. View Story | Download Photo
El Comité de Nominaciones de la CBS se reunió en Nashville el 16 y 17 de marzo para dialogar sobre los potenciales nominados para las juntas y comités, incluyendo a la Junta de Misiones Internacionales. View Story | Download Photo
Gerald Harris View Story | Download Photo
It was in this North African village where a slain father died in his son’s arms. As a refugee, the angry, tortured son’s journey took him to Bulgaria where he grappled with Jesus’ call to love one’s enemies in the Sermon on the Mount. View Story | Download Photo
El presidente de la ERLC, Russell Moore (derecha) -- fotografiado aquí en una conferencia de prensa en 2015 con el entonces presidente del comité de resoluciones de la CBS, Steve Gaines -- fue cumplimentado por Gaines a continuación de la divulgación de la extendida declaración el 20 de marzo: "En busca de unidad en la Convención Bautista del Sur." View Story | Download Photo
Neil Gorsuch categóricamente se negó a proveer comentarios tipo juez sobre asuntos como el aborto y el suicidio asistido en sus audiencias de confirmación, pero no fue renuente a explicar su fallo en un caso vital de libertad religiosa. View Story | Download Photo
Churches in the SBC have "definitely much more in common than we have apart," Jim Richards of the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention said in a chapel message at Southern Seminary, noting that "our heart and our soul" is "to be together." View Story | Download Photo
Mark Spradling assists children with crafts at a Vacation Bible School during a "Cajun Connection" mission trip to New Brunswick, Canada, sponsored by the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Spradling is a member of Bayou Vista Baptist Church in Morgan City. View Story | Download Photo
Steven Kelly (right), pastor of Bayou Vista Baptist Church in Morgan City, La., and Mark Spradling, a member of the church, present the Gospel during a Vacation Bible School in New Brunswick, Canada, as part of a Cajun Connection mission trip sponsored by the Louisiana Baptist Convention. View Story | Download Photo
Stephen Presley View Story | Download Photo
Peking duck at a local Chinese restaurant was Stefani Varner's "perfect culmination" as a college student "to four years of intentional relationship building with people from around the world." View Story | Download Photo
Among First Baptist Church's ramp building team are (from left) Jim Stevens, Sam Pagett, Asbury Dunn, Robert Whitworth, Kyle Branan and Bill Palmer. View Story | Download Photo
When smaller ramps such as this one are requested, First Baptist Church's ramp building team can sometimes build two in one day. View Story | Download Photo
Neil Gorsuch View Story | Download Photo
Steve Pitt, general counsel for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, is leading the defense of Kentucky's ultrasound law. View Story | Download Photo
Lee Williams View Story | Download Photo
Parking stipulations in a Chicago zoning ordinance have led to a federal lawsuit by the church against the city. View Story | Download Photo
Daniel Peavy and his wife Megan (left) received a quilt of 25 T-shirts from various camps, mission trips and other events during his nine years as student minister at First Baptist Church in Jackson, Ga. View Story | Download Photo
March 27 marks the first anniversary of the deadly suicide bombing that targeted Christians during an Easter celebration in Lahore, Pakistan. View Story | Download Photo