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En una parada del metro en la ciudad de Nueva York, los estudiantes universitarios bautistas vocalizan su testimonio durante la campaña evangelística anual llamada Passport New York, organizada por la Asociación Bautista de Nueva York. View Story | Download Photo
Scott White, worship leader at Woodstock Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga., leads a New Orleans-area combined choir during of the debut performance of "Our Faithful God" at New Orleans Seminary March 8. The choir and orchestra was composed of NOBTS students and professors and musicians from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Baptist churches. View Story | Download Photo
LifeWay Worship’s Mike Harland sings during the debut performance of "Our Faithful God," a new musical inspired by New Orleans Seminary's first 100 years. Harland co-wrote the musical with fellow NOBTS graduates Chris and Diane Machen. View Story | Download Photo
Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Ave. Baptist Church in New Orleans and past SBC president, presents the narration for New Orleans Seminary’s centennial musical "Our Faithful God" March 8. View Story | Download Photo
Church choir members from Miami-area churches join representative from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Division of Church Music Ministry for a performance of "Our Faithful God" on March 17 in Hialeah, Fla. View Story | Download Photo
At the 1918 SBC annual meeting, the convention's Constitution was amended to permit women to serve as messengers for the first time since 1885. View Story | Download Photo
Andrew Brunson View Story | Download Photo
These girls are reportedly among the 104 captives Boko Haram released March 21, weeks after kidnapping them in a Feb. 19 raid on Dapchi, Nigeria. View Story | Download Photo
Terry Turner View Story | Download Photo
“Shorty” the church bus at Timothy Baptist Church in Muskogee, Okla., is one way the congregation is reaching out to its community for Christ. View Story | Download Photo
"The idea was to find a bus that we could equip to pull into a neighborhood and get the church to the community," Kelly Payne, pastor Timothy Baptist Church. View Story | Download Photo
"Shorty" the church bus hosts a multitude of evangelism opportunities in the Muskogee community. View Story | Download Photo
At most community-wide events it is nearly expected that the short, white bus from Timothy Baptist Church will be there, serving hot dogs, chili dogs, nachos and all sorts of sweet treats. View Story | Download Photo
Felix Cabrera View Story | Download Photo
Razu Budhathoki of the Bhutan Baptist Church of Baltimore presents a pencil drawing to Samuel and Young Cho, one of the many gifts they received to mark their retirement after planting the Bhutanese church along with the Nepal Baptist Church of Baltimore. View Story | Download Photo
Razu Budhathoki (left) of the Bhutan Baptist Church of Baltimore and Manoj Shrestha (right) of the Nepal Baptist Church of Baltimore join in a cake-cutting ceremony to mark the transfer of leadership to the two pastors upon the retirement of Samuel Cho and his wife Young. View Story | Download Photo
Oscar J. Fernandez View Story | Download Photo