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Panelists (left to right) Phillip Bethancourt, J.D. Greear, Beth Moore, Amy Whitfield and Ronnie Floyd discussed ways Southern Baptists can better deal with sexual abuse. Floyd, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee president, urged Southern Baptists to "establish a healthy culture together" and encouraged pastors to preach on sexual abuse from the Bible. View Story | Download Photo
Victims advocate Rachael Denhollander (right) along with Ethics & Religious Liberty President Russell Moore addressed a sold-out crowd of more than 1,650 registrants at ERLC's "Caring Well: Equipping the Church to Confront the Abuse Crisis." View Story | Download Photo
Diane Langberg, a psychologist with 47 years of experience in helping trauma and abuse victims, said pastors and other Christian leaders have used power for their benefit rather than for the aid of survivors. View Story | Download Photo
Kumalo (left) had been diagnosed with AIDS and had resigned himself to die until workers provided him with food and a new reason to live. View Story | Download Photo
Messengers to the 2019 annual meeting of the Montana Southern Baptist Convention continued to focus on the state's "Go Montana" initiative. View Story | Download Photo
Southern Baptist prayer leaders gathered in Pittsburgh for the 2019 PrayerLink meeting to pray for God to make believers ready for the harvest to come. View Story | Download Photo
Claude King, discipleship and church health specialist for LifeWay Christian Resources, urged the prayer leaders to prepare for God to send a harvest of new believers. "We need to be ready when that time comes," he said. View Story | Download Photo
A family from Valley Life Church Tramonto demonstrates part of the church's "Who's Your One?" progress by dropping colored pingpong balls into a clear box. Different colors represent invitations to church, intentional Gospel conversations and baptisms. View Story | Download Photo
Worshipers at Mercy Hill Church in Phoenix line up to attach index cards with the name of their "one" to a wooden cross. The cross remains in the sanctuary as a reminder of the witnessing commitments that were made. View Story | Download Photo
Children learn about Russian Maruschka dolls from Tennessee pastor Jeff Rasnick, who received them during a short-term mission trip to Ukraine years ago. View Story | Download Photo
Children in a church plant in Shungnak, Alaska, take part in the outreach 90 miles north of the Arctic Circle by mission volunteers from First Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tenn. View Story | Download Photo
Jeff Rasnick, pastor of First Baptist Church in Shelbyville, Tenn., underscores from his knees a key point in a Sunday sermon. The church thrives, he says, "not because I'm a great pastor. They thrive because they have bought in that the Word of God should be the foundation and the Gospel the tool that they live their life by." View Story | Download Photo
Kim Strickland at the Blackshear, Ga., pond where God birthed within her the idea for the 365-Plus Prayer Project. View Story | Download Photo
Mike Lefler (left), associate pastor of ministries at Central Baptist Church in Conway, Ark., prepares to baptize Brenton Winn during a Wednesday night service in September. The baptism came six months after Winn did $100,000 in damage to the church during a burglary. View Story | Download Photo
Don Chandler (right), who has been the senior pastor of Central Baptist Church in Conway, Ark., for 40 years, stands with Brenton Winn the night the 23-year-old was baptized at the church. In February, Winn was arrested for causing $100,000 in damage at the church. View Story | Download Photo
The executive board of the NAMB trustees -- chairman Danny Wood, pastor of Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala. (left); first vice chairman Danny de Armas, senior associate pastor of Orlando First Baptist Church; and second vice chairman Eric Thomas, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Norfolk, Va., -- help lead the full board of trustees. Wood facilitates the full meeting. View Story | Download Photo
Members of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College board of trustees pray in the space that will house the new Leavell College offices. Renovations to the former location of the LifeWay campus store are well underway. NOBTS leaders expect the Leavell College offices to move to the renovated space in January 2020. View Story | Download Photo
After giving her one of his kidneys, Michael Odom (left) has become one of Latisa Sheehan's best friends. "God's hand has been in this from day one," Odom says. View Story | Download Photo
"[El abuso sexual] es un asunto del Evangelio," dijo J.D. Greear, presidente de la CBS, ante la gran multitud que asistió a Caring Well: Equipping the Church to Confront the Abuse Crisis. "La credibilidad de nuestro testimonio e incluso aún más importante, las almas de nuestro pueblo están en juego." View Story | Download Photo
Two years in filthy Turkish prisons reaped for pastor Andrew Brunson (left) a spiritual "hunger, desperation and running after God" that he hasn't felt since his release a year ago." I actually miss that from prison," he told Baptist Press. His wife Norine endured the ordeal by standing on promises God had given the couple through years of spiritual service. View Story | Download Photo
Jacob Beaupre, minister of music at Carlisle Baptist Church in Panama City, surveys the church's damage after Hurricane Michael tore through the Panhandle a year ago on Oct. 10, 2018. Through "Churches helping Churches," sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention, Chets Creek Church in Jacksonville partnered with the congregation to help it survive and rebuild. View Story | Download Photo
Una familia de Valley Life Church Tramonto demuestra parte del progreso de "¿Quién es el tuyo?" de la iglesia poniendo bolas de ping pong coloreadas en una caja transparente. Los diferentes colores representan invitaciones a la iglesia, conversaciones intencionales del Evangelio y bautismos. View Story | Download Photo
Creyentes en Mercy Hill Church en Phoenix hacen fila para poner la tarjeta con el nombre de "el tuyo" en una cruz de madera. La cruz permanece en el santuario como recordatorio del compromiso de testificar que han hecho. View Story | Download Photo