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  • India: Officials, police halt worship in 10 churches

    by Morning Star India correspondent, posted Wednesday, November 01, 2017 (4 months ago)

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    NEW DELHI, India (BP) -- Officials and police in Tamil Nadu state, India, have ordered 10 churches to discontinue worship services, sources said.

    Hindu extremists compelled state officials and police to issue orders to the churches in Coimbatore District to stop worship unless they obtain permission from the collector's office, church leaders said. And extremists reportedly intend to target 20 others in the same way.

    "It is a well-planned conspiracy against the Christian community, as the Hindu extremists know that it is not easy to approach the collector's office for such permissions," pastor Johnson Sathyanathan, president of the Synod of Pentecostal Churches of Coimbatore, told Morning Star News. "The time to get such approvals can stretch from a year and a half to many more years." Read More

  • Indian Christians charged with forced conversion

    by Julia A. Seymour/WORLD News Service , posted Friday, August 11, 2017 (7 months ago)

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    INDIA (BP) -- As persecution appears to be intensifying in India, government officials in the state of Madhya Pradesh have charged six Christians, including some pastors, with kidnapping and forced conversion for chaperoning children on the way to church camp.

    Local police arrested the group in May along with more than 70 children en route to a summer Bible camp, according to International Christian Concern (ICC).

    Local Hindu radicals told railway police the party of Christians was trafficking children for forced conversion, a crime in that state. Police intervened, detaining everyone at a train station. Read More

  • Christian persecution rising in India, report says

    by Morning Star News/northern India correspondent, posted Tuesday, August 23, 2016 (one year ago)

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    UDAIPUR, India (BP) -- Persecution of Christians in India increased dramatically the first half of 2016 and is on pace to far exceed cases the previous two years, a new independent report found.

    The 134 incidents of violence against Christians in India chronicled Jan. 1-June 30 of this year were "just a fraction of the violence on the ground," the Evangelical Fellowship of India's Religious Liberty Commission (EFIRLC) noted in its report, Hate and Targeted Violence Against Christians in India. Read More

  • Christianity growing in N. India amid Hindu hostility

    by Julia A. Seymour/WORLD News Service, posted Tuesday, December 22, 2015 (2 years ago)

    NORTHERN INDIA (BP) -- Missionaries in northern India say Hindu extremists are increasingly trying to entrap them with trumped-up accusations of forced conversions. But the rise in persecution isn't dissuading true converts, who are turning to Christ in larger numbers, according to new census data.

    People have the freedom to change their religion in India, but forced conversions are illegal. Read More

  • Growing tension against Christians cited in India

    by Staff/Morning Star News, posted Friday, September 11, 2015 (2 years ago)

    NEW DELHI (BP) -- Heightened hostilities against Christians in India that began late last year continued through the summer, with Hindu extremists threatening Christians and forcing them to "reconvert" to Hinduism, church leaders said. 

    In Rajasthan in the northwest, 10 Christian families in Nakhnool village, near Alwar, have fled after intolerant Hindus harassed and threatened to kill them, area church leaders said. Read More

  • India: Anti-Christian attacks up 55%

    by Staff/Morning Star News, posted Wednesday, March 25, 2015 (2 years ago)

    NEW DELHI (BP) -- The number of violent and nonviolent attacks against Christians in India has increased 55 percent since Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi became prime minister last year, according to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI). Read More

  • MISSIONS: Why we go

    by Kennedy Mathis, posted Friday, January 02, 2015 (3 years ago)

    SOUTH ASIA (BP) -- Six years ago, I ventured to India. This fall I returned.

    Nearly four years had passed. A lot had changed. A lot had stayed the same. The city where I served two years had grown. New malls replaced old abandoned ones. The streets were still packed with two-wheelers and rickshaws maneuvering through tight spaces. Colors and patterns combine in a glorious kaleidoscope of textiles. Sweet spices and sweat fill the senses. No matter how many roads had been built or how many walls had been painted, India was still India. Read More

  • 13 women die in India sterilizations

    by Courtney Crandell/WORLD News Service, posted Monday, November 17, 2014 (3 years ago)

    INDIA (BP) -- At least 13 women died in India and dozens became ill after undergoing sterilization procedures as a part of a nationwide population control program, government officials have acknowledged in news reports.

    Eighty-three women underwent the surgery Saturday, Nov. 8, at a hospital in the state of Chhattisgarh, one of the poorest in India. Read More

  • FIRST-PERSON: Quake damage like ‘watching CNN from van’

    by Liz Fendley*, posted Monday, December 19, 2005 (12 years ago)

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    One of the survivors

    This Pakistani student was among the survivors at a girls’ school leveled by the Oct. 8 earthquake. Along with two teachers, approximately 200 girls, or one-fourth of the students, lost their lives.

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (BP)--It is hard to put into words all that I saw and experienced on this trip, one of the most significant trips I have taken. We saw so much devastation -– whole towns reduced to rubble.

          Most people told us that if you were outside, you survived, but if you were inside a building, you died. It was hard to process it all. Some days it felt like I was watching CNN from the van window.

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    In a tent city

    A Pakistani mother shelters her children in one of the tent cities that have sprung up since the Oct. 8 earthquake. Many traveled to the camps – some now housing as many as 3,000 people -- barefoot through mountainous terrain, without anything except the clothes on their back.

          We met many people in great need.

          They peeked out of their tents, intensely curious yet cautious. “Who are these foreigners and why are they here?”

          We went to a girls’ school located in one of the hardest-hit areas of the Oct. 8 earthquake in South Asia. The school had collapsed, killing more than 200 of their classmates. Now they were meeting in tents next to their crushed building. We came to help them, to listen to them, to encourage them, to love them in Jesus’ name. Read More