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  • Greear on CNN: Abusers 'have no place' in SBC

    by David Roach, posted Monday, February 18, 2019 (23 hours ago)

    CNN screen capture from YouTube.
    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear told CNN he is calling the convention to disfellowship churches "that show a wanton disregard that allows abuse."

    Appearing today (Feb. 18) on CNN's "New Day," Greear also said he will call tonight at an SBC Executive Committee meeting in Nashville for "enhanced language" in SBC documents to underscore the convention's longstanding belief abuse "is out of step with" The Baptist Faith and Message.

    "Churches that show a wanton disregard that allows abuse, that allows it to happen, that ... Read More

  • SBC must 'lament & grieve,' Greear tells editors

    by Scott Barkley/Christian Index, posted Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (5 days ago)

    Photo by Scott Barkley/Christian Index
    CHARLESTON, S.C. (BP) -- "This conversation is very complex," SBC President J.D. Greear said regarding instances of sexual abuse that have occurred in Southern Baptist churches.

    "But I also understand this is a time for us to lament and to grieve," Greear told members of the Association of State Baptist Publications regarding a series of reports by the Houston Chronicle. Read More

  • Greear names, summarizes Comm. on Committees makeup

    by BP Staff, posted Monday, February 11, 2019 (7 days ago)

    BP file photo.
    J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has announced the Committee on Committees for the June 11-12 SBC annual meeting in Birmingham, Ala. Read More

  • Greear previews 'Who's Your One?' evangelism strategy

    by Brandon Elrod, posted Thursday, January 31, 2019 (18 days ago)

    Photo by Rob Laughter/The Summit Church
    DURHAM, N.C.(BP) -- J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Yates Baptist Association of Durham, N.C., led and simulcasted an event to preview an upcoming evangelism emphasis called "Who's Your One?" The aim is to encourage every Southern Baptist church member to actively engage in sharing their faith.

    "These are some challenging days for the Southern Baptist Convention," Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., said today (January 31). "They're challenging days for the church in general in the United States, but is God perhaps setting us up for one of the greatest evangelism explosions that we've ever seen?" Read More

  • Greear: White privilege should extend to all races

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, January 30, 2019 (19 days ago)

    File photo by Haley Catt/NAMB
    DURHAM, N.C. (BP) -- Anglos receive "privilege" in American culture because of their ethnicity, Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear said in a podcast. But rather than debate the political ramifications of that privilege, Greear urged believers to "extend" it to people of all races.

    The views Greear expressed in his "Ask Me Anything" podcast are similar to opinions he has voiced publicly since at least 2014, following a racial crisis in Ferguson, Mo. Yet he told Baptist Press his perspective of white privilege has become more acute over the past five years from "being in relationship with brothers and sisters of color."

    "Is white privilege real?" was the topic of a Jan. 28 episode of Greear's podcast. He told podcast host Todd Unzicker he has "struggled with" the question and concluded there is an "invisible set of assets that I get from being part of the majority culture." Read More

  • Greear to launch 'Who's Your One?' with associations

    by David Roach, posted Friday, January 04, 2019 (one month ago)

    BP file photo by Bill Bangham
    DURHAM, N.C. (BP) -- A Jan. 31 simulcast for associational leaders will help launch Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear's "Who's Your One?" evangelistic initiative among the 1,000-plus associations within the Southern Baptist network.

    "Who's Your One?" encourages every Southern Baptist to intentionally build a relationship with one person over the course of 2019, share the Gospel and invite that person to trust Christ as Lord and Savior.

    "Associations have always served as a valuable partner in cooperation, mobilizing churches together," Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., told Baptist Press. "Our own local [Yates Baptist] Association, under the leadership of Marty Childers, provides a great structure for church revitalization, racial reconciliation and partnership evangelism in our city. It only seemed natural for every association in the country to work together." Read More

  • WEEK OF PRAYER: IMB workers, Summit Church reaching Ukraine

    by IMB staff, posted Thursday, December 06, 2018 (2 months ago)

    IMB photo
    UKRAINE (BP) -- In Ukraine, Southern Baptist missionary Russell Woodbridge often encounters people who fled their homes in the eastern part of the country when war broke out a few years ago.

    And in the midst of that heartbreak, the International Mission Board worker and Ukrainian believers -- along with help from his home pastor J.D. Greear and The Summit Church -- want to help locals find a hope that transcends the uncertainty of war.

    "A year and a half ago with the help of Ukrainians we started a new church plant that specifically tries to reach these people who have been displaced and lost everything," Woodbridge said. "We've seen people come to Christ and be baptized." Read More

  • Greear gives Lottie Moon challenge

    by David Roach, posted Friday, November 30, 2018 (2 months ago)

    Screen capture from Facebook
    DURHAM, N.C. (BP) -- Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear thinks Southern Baptists can exceed their $160 million goal for this year's Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) for International Missions. So he's offering a lighthearted incentive to encourage a challenge goal of $170 million.

    If the 2018-19 LMCO hits that mark, Greear will perform a stunt suggested by Southern Baptists on social media, he announced Nov. 27 during a Facebook Live event, which had been viewed more than 6,100 times by midday Nov. 30. A video clip of Greear's challenge tweeted by the International Mission Board had been viewed more than 2,500 times in the same timeframe. Read More

  • Greear: God 'stirring' SBC through transitions

    by David Roach, posted Wednesday, October 31, 2018 (3 months ago)

    Screen capture from Facebook
    DURHAM, N.C. (BP) -- State conventions, Southern Baptist Convention entity presidential openings and a Sexual Abuse Advisory Study were the central topics of discussion during an Oct. 31 Facebook Live broadcast with SBC President J.D. Greear.

    Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, N.C., said he is "more convinced than ever" God "is not done" with the SBC and "is extending us an invitation to trust Him."

    The 13-minute broadcast, cohosted by Summit associate pastor Todd Unzicker, included a discussion of Greear's "Gospel above all" emphasis at Baptist state convention annual meetings this fall. Among the meetings he has attended or is scheduled to attend are the Colorado Baptist General Convention, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention and the West Virginia Convention of Southern Baptists. Read More

  • Halloween: Don’t let it divide you, Greear says

    by Grace Thornton, posted Monday, October 29, 2018 (3 months ago)

    Image: iStock/license purchase required.
    NASHVILLE (BP) -- Christians have long had differing views on how to approach Halloween. But Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear said in a recent podcast that the holiday doesn't have to be divisive -- in fact, it can be a great way to get to know your neighbors.

    "Some participate and some don't, but all can redeem -- that is, we can use it for evangelism," Greear said on the Oct. 22 edition of his "Ask Me Anything" podcast.

    Halloween is probably the only day of the year that your neighbors are knocking on your door, ... Read More